About ATR

ATR, the Dutch Advisory Board on Regulatory Burden, is an independent and external advisory body that advises government and Parliament on how to minimize regulatory burdens for firms, citizens, and professional workers in healthcare, education, safety and welfare. ATR wants to contribute to a society in which government achieves its goals while minimizing the hindrance of regulation. Ministries consult ATR in an early phase of the legislative process. Furthermore, ATR can also scrutinize the versions of legislative proposals that are in the final stage of political decion-making within the government.

ATR also provides opinions on existing legislation and regulation. It can do so for national legislation, for regulations from those bodies that are concerned with inspection and implementation, and for regulations from local and regional governments. It selects these legislation and regulations on the basis of signals from society.

ATR works with organisations within and outside the Netherlands. Together with its sister organisations in other European Member States, ATR (and its predecessor Actal) has set up the network organisation RegWatchEurope.